About Sebego Electrical Engineering

Sebego Electrical Engineering is building a better future by applying world-class expertise to solve clients’ greatest challenges. We provide professional and technical solutions that deliver safe, well-executed, capital-efficient projects to clients all over the country. For almost 10 years, Sebego Electrical Engineering has provided engineering,
procurement, and construction services that are the essential building blocks of development and progress.

To be recognized as a provider of quality preventive and condition based maintenance services in Botswana and the SADC Region.

With world-class expertise in engineering, technology, supply chain, program management, and construction management, Sebego Electrical Engineering is a leader in the construction industry. We partner with government agencies and private clients to support their missions and build out infrastructure. We work hand-in-hand with leading advanced manufacturers.

We manage some of Botswana’s most complex projects for major energy, chemicals, and mining companies. Every day, Sebego Electrical Engineering sets the standard for safety and sustainability, ethical performance, operational excellence, and industry innovation, providing clients and partners the confidence that only a leader can deliver.


Sebego Electrical Engineering's deeply-skilled employees bring to the company their commitment to high ethical standards and robust health, safety and environmental practices. Clients benefit from Sebego Electrical Engineering’s innovative, sustainable solutions as well as more than a century of experience on the world’s most challenging projects.

Strategy and insights

In today’s fast-moving business environment clients approach us to redefine their purpose or to take bold steps in a new direction. Transformation is driven by regulation redefining industries, technology disrupting the status quo, or users wanting new experiences. For others, a merger or acquisition is a chance to revisit their overall strategy. Some simply want to respond to tougher competition and improve their productivity. Whatever the challenge, we develop effective business strategies that are informed and supported by a wide range of technical, economic, and advisory expertise.

Programme and project management

Sebego Electrical Engineering works with clients in every industry, providing talented teams of project managers who support projects throughout the whole building lifecycle – developing the initial business case, procurement, undertaking design management, and then construction management.


We are proud to say that we are successful in handling projects ranging from small projects to mega projects. We have a strong belief in collaboration. Every project has its own dynamic demanding specific skill sets and qualities. We are open minded, welcoming and progressive. Moulding different approaches and different teams appropriate to the client and project needs. As a result, over the years we have worked with numerous other consultancy firms and specialists to deliver great projects.


With our fast track services to our clients we have been able to leave our customers coming back for our services. The rehiring rate of our services by the clients is quiet phenomenal. We are known to provide our clients with the most creative solutions to some of the most challenging projects. Our Engineering services for the clients are dedicated to provide our customers with the best advices for the project. 

Our team is composed of technically skilled & highly dedicated personnel

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